About Us

Over the duration of our experience working within the recruitment industry, we have developed a range of services to cater for the needs of our clients. The majority of our clients like to work with us on an exclusive basis (incidentally, we prefer this too.) It’s a great way to work as it means we can build a professional relationship with our clients and it saves them having to keep up with a range of recruitment contacts. However, we appreciate that each client is unique, and we offer the flexibility that is quite rare within the recruitment industry; providing executive interim, executive search and contingency recruitment. We have been working in the industry for over 20 years’, so you can bet that we really know our stuff. We stick to what we know, which is why we only work within specific sectors and functions. If you want to ensure you recruit the very best quality of talent into your organisation, NV Resourcing is the specialist recruitment agency for you!

Our Expertise 

We have worked with a range of companies within accountancy, banking, IT, professional services and many more. Our recruitment services have also supported firms within the Big 4, helping ensure they get top talent to contribute to the success of their business. Our recruitment consultants each bring their own skills and expertise and we combine these to create the successful, growing business we have today.

Our experience and contacts allow us to tackle any recruitment challenge and we relish the opportunity to help businesses prosper. We are based in Scotland, but we have the potential to provide our recruitment services throughout the UK.

Why Choose Us? 

There are many recruitment agencies in Scotland, so why should you choose NV Resourcing to help support your recruitment needs. We believe there are many reasons to use our services, but we’ll keep it to just a few!

Tailored to You 

We know each business is different and we will tailor our services to suit you. We obtain your requirements, make sure we understand them and then just get on with the job. We know all you care about are getting results, and we won’t take up your precious time with unnecessary meetings. Our services are completely tailored to suit our clients, we will work to your needs.


Our flexible recruitment options make us a popular choice with businesses, as we can adapt to meet their needs. Whether you require retained search, executive search, interim or contingency recruitment, we can support your business.


As we are extremely knowledgeable (even if we say so ourselves), on the sectors and functions we work in, we can provide you with the very best talent out there. Our knowledge and experience combined as helped us build strong relationships with both companies and candidates. We nourish these relationships, making it easier for us to encourage high calibre candidates to join you!