At NV Resourcing, we like to be clear on our processes, so we meet your expectations and deliver the highest standard of candidates to you. We work the same way with candidates too, we stick to a process, so you know what to expect from our services. We like to be consistent as we feel this is the most effective way to ensure we deliver the best quality of services, both to our candidates and clients.

Client Process

Stage 1: Initial Discussion

Our initial discussion will involve a consultation to understand more about your business the specific opportunity and the candidate specification. This is a critical part of the exercise and time spent here ensures that we are focussed on the correct candidate pool and ensures that our shortlist matches the brief that we are given. We will work to your expectations.

 Stage 2: Researching Candidates 

Once we have a clear understanding of your opportunity, we start the candidate search process. Although we do have a candidate database and will utilise on line advertisements and social media we view all assignments as a search for candidates and are extremely proactive in going to the market and approaching candidates on your is extremely important at this stage that we reach out to both the passive and active market of candidates. The hard work and the comprehensive coverage that we achieve at this stage ensures that the shortlist that we provide is market leading giving you as much choice as possible.

Stage 3: Candidate Assessment 

We will carry out an initial candidate assessment to check suitability for the role. We do our best to conduct this face to face, but depending on location, we might undertake a telephone conversation instead.

Stage 4: Submit Candidates 

After the screening, we will submit any suitable candidates to you in a structured and orderly way and organise interviews/provide necessary feedback.

Candidate Process

Stage 1: Initial Chat 

After we source you for a role, we will have a structured discussion to understand your current situation and your level of interest in our role. We will usually forward you a job specification at this stage. If you are interested in pursuing with the role, we will ask you to send a CV, if we don’t already have this for you.

Stage 2: Candidate Assessment 

If you wish to pursue with the role, we will undertake a fuller structured assessment to evaluate your suitability for the role. This will be carried out in a detailed way and we will search for evidence of how your skills and abilities match with the requirements of the position.

Stage 3: Submit to Client 

We will then submit your CV to the client. We know how frustrating it is to send your CV and feel like it’s just went into a dark hole, which is why we always provide timely feedback to our candidates and keep them informed of any developments.