Executive Interim 

The landscape of the working environment can change in an instant. Key people within the organisation can go on secondment, there may be a sudden surge in the workload, or someone might leave before you get a chance to backfill their position. Executive interim is the process of sourcing high level candidates to fill executive roles for a set period within your organisation, to cover your recruitment needs.

Why Executive Interim? 

If you have a permanent role you are struggling to fill or have a specific project you need some short-term help with, executive interim recruitment may be attractive option for you. These are some reasons why executive interim can be beneficial.

Greater Control 

You may not have a specific need for an interim hire, but you may just want better flexibility when workloads increase or decrease. If your workforce is purely permanent employees, it can be difficult to manage if workloads decline. A workforce with a combination of permanent and interim staff can give you greater control when demands change.

Fast Learners 

Executive interim staff are familiar with short term work, so they are used to starting a new role and hitting the ground running straight away. They need minimum supervision; they’ll quickly get up to speed and get on with the job for however long you need them. Most interim executives are also flexible and will be willing to work for a longer period, if you require them to.

Cover Short Term Needs 

If you urgently need to get a project finished an interim executive can be an ideal choice. Even if you are just waiting to fill a permanent role and need cover in the meantime, an interim will usually be able to get started straight away to cover your needs. Most interims like working in this way, so they won’t be applying for permanent roles while they’re with you.

Project Work 

If a project comes up and you don’t have the capabilities in-house to cover it, an interim executive can be a good way to ensure that business proceeds as normal. You can get the interim cover you need, with the specific skillset required for the project.

Would you like an interim executive to cover your short-term needs. Get in touch with us at NV Resourcing and we’ll be happy to supply you with a high-quality candidate based on your specification.