Executive Search 

Recruiting for senior-level jobs can be extremely challenging there is a war for talent and the right senior appointment is a game changer. For these challenging leadership roles, it is not enough to rely on contingent recruitment services. An executive search involves a comprehensive process where we research a target market population and develop a comprehensive strategy to find talent and using our influencing skills and experience, to encourage them to apply for the role. Executive search is sometimes referred to as ‘headhunting’ and it involves a more pro-active approach, encouraging passive candidates. In most cases, the company will use one recruitment agency exclusively for their executive search as it allows them to build a strong relationship, it saves the hassle and time of dealing with several recruitment agencies and it also prevents duplication of candidates.

Why Use Executive Search? 

If you are recruiting for top-level roles and are struggling to fill these, it might be time to consider an executive search option. These are just some reasons why executive search is a good choice.

Access the Best Candidates

Although traditional methods have their place, executive search can allow you to tap into the passive market who are already working. This can give you the opportunity to find the very best top-level candidates out there. It is often difficult to find the best candidates by advertising alone and executive search allows for a more targeted approach.

Reduce Time to Hire 

If you advertise roles and wait for applications, it takes a lot more time than if you approach candidates yourself via executive search. Traditional advertising does not really serve urgent vacancies very well and executive search can really cut down your time to hire.

Access Passive Candidates 

When you advertise vacancies, you are only reaching those candidates who are actively looking for roles. However, with executive search you can really broaden your candidate pool by accessing those who are not actively looking but could be persuaded with right approach.

Get Ahead of Competitors 

If your competitors are also on the look for top talent, you are already getting ahead of the game if you use an executive search approach, instead of waiting for candidates to appear. The quicker you get to the top talent out there, the more advantage you have over your competitors.

Greater Success 

As it takes a more targeted persuasive approach with executive search, it is more likely that you’ll find candidates who are committed to the role. An executive search can, therefore, reduce the likelihood of a bad hire. In the long run, executive search can be more cost effective.

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