Retained Search

If you want to deal with one recruitment agency exclusively, then you may want to go for a retained search. At NV Resourcing, we work with many of our clients in a retained search basis, allowing us to build a long lasting, strong relationship with them. As a ‘boutique’ recruitment approach, this usually involves head-hunting high-end candidates.

Why Choose Retained Search?

If the idea of working with several recruitment agencies and trying to coordinate phone calls, emails and meetings sends your head into a spin, you’re not alone. Many clients prefer to work with just one sole recruitment agency and there are a variety of advantages in the retained search approach.

Dedicated Approach 

When the recruitment agency knows they are your sole supplier, they are much more likely to have a dedicated approach. They know they have no competition and you are relying on them solely to fill the roles, so they will make sure they work hard in finding active and passive candidates for you.

Relationship Building 

Working with just one recruitment agency can allow you to build a good relationship with them and it can make your recruitment efforts much easier. Recruiters are more likely to favour and go out their way for companies they have built great relationships with, so it can be a positive approach in filling your vacancies.

Less Time Consuming 

If you are dealing with several recruitment agencies, it can be time consuming trying to manage all the relationships and forms of contact. Dealing with an agency on a retainer basis can be easier and can free up more of your time to get on with other tasks.

No Duplication 

If you’ve ever worked with a few recruitment agencies at the same time, you’ll understand the frustration that comes with receiving the same CV multiple times – and the effort of trying to keep track of who sent what and who would be due the fee. You may even have been caught up in arguments with agencies, who believe they supplied the candidate first. These frustrations can be completely avoided with retainer search, as you won’t receive any duplications by working with the one supplier.

Are you interested in working with us on a retained search basis? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available to you.